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Result : 1
 Police Station  PS Haibowal -
 DDR No.  -
 FIR No.  -
 Name  Raman Rana @ sonu
 S/D/W/o  Ranjit Rana
 Address  H.No. 1969/2, Prem Nagar , Haibowal, Ludhiana, Ludhiana
 Occupation  Agriculture
 Caste  Rajput
 Age  34
 Marital Status  Married
 General Appearance  Colour Fair, Black eyes, Round Face
 Height  5 Ft. 8 Inches
 Gender  Male
 Identification Mark  Stitches on for
 Reward  NA
 Type of Crime  Murder
 Modus Operandi  Habitual Violent
 Offence Section  
 Criminal History  6 criminal cases till sept 2010
 Cases Against  Raman Rana
 Other Details  Takes fight, short tempered
Result : 2
 Police Station  PS Haibowal -
 DDR No.  -
 FIR No.  -
 Name  Randeep Kumar @TOPI @Vijay@Rinku
 S/D/W/o  Rajesh Kumar
 Address  Vill. Dhapai, PS Islamabad, 2411,Sector 67, Mohali, Amritsar, AMritsar
 Occupation  denting Painting
 Caste  Gupta
 Age  26
 Marital Status  Unmarried
 General Appearance   Colour Wheatish
 Height  5 Ft. 6 Inches
 Gender  Male
 Identification Mark  Left Arm Burnt,
 Reward  NA
 Type of Crime  Robbery
 Modus Operandi  Car, Gold Robber
 Offence Section  
 Criminal History  5Criminal Cases till sept.2010
 Cases Against  Topi
 Other Details  Eye Black
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