PCR Working


The Control Room is a well established concept in modern policing system and it has a stellar role to play in providing efficient and accountable system of Police working.

Need for the state-of-the-art Control Room

Ludhiana is an important and biggest industrial town of Punjab. It has 20 lakhs of population as per census of 2001 but the estimated population of the city hovers around 35-40 lakhs. It has a lot of presence of migratory population (around 10 lakhs) which hails from different parts of the country, chiefly from U.P. and Bihar. Ludhiana has witnessed rapid urbanization and industrialization in the last decade. Number of industrial estates have dotted the map of Ludhiana and there is mushroom growth of residential colonies in and around Ludhiana. The population density is quite high in Ludhiana. The peculiar feature of Ludhiana is that apart from having narrow lanes and by-lanes in city area where population density is quite high, the boundaries of the city have extended a lot where large section of population dwells. Ludhiana has also highest per capital vehicles in the country and as per record, there are 11,67,904 vehicles in Ludhiana. The demographic profile of Ludhiana further puts lot of challenges before police in maintaining law and order, communal and social harmony. Ludhiana is centrally located and hence criminals, after committing crime can escape to different parts of Punjab and neighbouring states in minimum time. It also has biggest labour force of Punjab, working in various industrial units which poses multidimensional policing problems like labour agitations, anonymity of criminals escape of criminals to unknown destinations (residential proof not available) etc. The large floating population whose members do not have proper address/ I.D. also creates lot of problems in maintenance of law and order. In recent past, Ludhiana has witnessed serious law and order disturbances due to involvement of migratory labour.

In addition to this, the area of Ludhiana city has always remained vulnerable to strikes by terrorists and other anti social elements. Further it is hub of financial activities and is having strong presence of Nationalized and private banks, insurance companies, money exchangers & well developed stock exchange.

With the introduction of Commissionerate system of policing, the expectations of people have gone very high. The people expect immediate police response to their calls to Control Room. In order to meet expectations of people and these diverse challenges to policing, there was an imperative need for having modern, state of the art and efficient Police Control Room for Ludhiana Police Commissionerate. Hence a state of the art and modern digital Control Room has been established for Ludhiana Police Commissionerate which is providing timely and efficient police services to people.


The Police Control Room Commissionerate Ludhiana is a state-of-the-art concept with its salient features as:-

Computerization- The call-takers , call-Despatchers and Control Room supervisors execute their tasks on computers.

Data base/Application- 4 nos. of servers for loading all data of
telephone subscribers.

Digital map- : Digital map of Ludhiana on 1:2000 scale for Urban and 1:10000 scale for Rural area.

Voice Logger- : To record voice communication between
“call-takers” and callers up to 2 years.

Digital Trunk line or PRI- : For connectivity between control room and all telephone subscribers through EPABX

GPS Units- : GPS units are installed in all PCR vehicles
(motorcycles/taveras) for tracking and showing these on digital map with update rate of 10 seconds.

5 nos. of Call-Taker Positions for attending the assistance calls
(100 Numbers Calls)

Automatic Opening Challan with unique Challan number with
Date &Time.

4 nos. of Dispatcher Positions to receive the information and
analyse the kind of assistance caller needs.

Availability of coloured information of different types of incidents
on Display Screen


-           Control Room
-           PCR Vans
-           PCR Motor cycles
-           Vehicles of Police Stations/Police Posts/Traffic staff etc.

The main objectives for establishing a Police Control Room , of the present type include among others:-

  • Comprehensive and round the clock security cover to the city thereby providing area security.
  • Immediate and timely police response to any situation especially crime situation and main endeavour is to ensure police response to any situation within 4-5 minutes.
  • Checking and patrolling duties to be manned by PCR, to be  more effective due to  higher mobility, better communication and comprehensive training.
  • High visibility of the police force /patrol vehicles and easy accessibility to the public to act as effective deterrent to activities of criminals.
  • Maintaining an efficient system of radio, telephonic and tele-printing communications between PCR and different units of Police Commissionerate, Ludhiana, neighbouring cities, police headquarters and all the districts in Punjab.
  • Keeping all concerned officers informed of all important incidents which may have bearing on the law and order and crime situation in the Police Commissionerate, Ludhiana.
  • Rendering help to injured persons /victims of crime by removing them to the nearest hospitals immediately.
  • Rendering public service of general nature by guiding and helping children, senior citizens and ladies in distress etc.
  • Ensure implementation of city sealing, red alert, contingency plans in the event of serious crime, man-made and natural disasters.
  • Acting as information centre of Ludhiana Police Commissionerate.
  • Act as nodal centre for clarifying any doubt and issues relating to rumours etc.
  • Management and control of crime through efficient delivery and retrieval system   in the Control Room.
  • To act as vanguard against violation of human rights of individuals-display of information relating to arrested persons movement of police vehicles can be retrieved for verification of any false implication in any case.
  • To provide details about crime, crime situation, traffic blockades etc to common people.
  • To submit statutory returns about crime to PPCR for perusal of DGP Punjab and senior functionaries of the Govt.
  • To ensure accountable system of police working. This will further be possible with facilities of storage and retrieval of data related to various calls made to Control Room.   


Apart from the well-known police help numbers of 100, other numbers addressing specific nature of complaints are located in the Control Room:-          
Traffic Help Line                                         1073
Senior Citizens Help Line                           1090
Women Help Line                                        1098

PCR Motorcycles/Vans                              Total No.
i)            Motorcycles                                               =          87
ii)           Tavera Vans                                               =          14
iii)          Quick Reaction Team (QRT)       has been constituted to act as first responder in event of terrorist attack and organized attack by criminals. It is fully trained and equipped with  weapons and proper gadgets.

Two companies of police force have been earmarked as Control Room reserves and one of these company will be available at Control Room for 12 hours . These reserves will immediately rush to place where there is a law and order problem.

There are 87 PCR Motor Cycles which perform duties in 3 shifts in the area of Police Commissionerate ,  Ludhiana.
                                    Ist Shift                      08:00 AM to 04:00 PM
2nd Shift                    04:00 PM to 12:00 AM
3rd Shift                     12:00 AM to 08:00 AM
                        Beside the PCR Motor Cycle there are 14 Tavera Vehicles which perform duties in two shifts within the area of Police Commissionerate Ludhiana.
                                    Ist Shift                      10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
2nd Shift                    10:00 PM to 10:00 AM
Each PCR Motor Cycle/Tavera Vehicle is given a definite “beat area” to operate and ordinarily perform duties of following type.

08.00 AM - 10:00 AM

Duty at schools, colleges to prevent eve-teasing, traffic problems and traffic regulation duty at busy traffic points etc.

10.00 AM to 02.00 PM

Checking of suspicious persons outside banks & financial institutions etc. to prevent a robbery or snatching and also to  dominate the area. Besides providing escort duty to cash vans of Banks, PSEB cash collection centres, PRTC etc

02.00 PM

Covering School , colleges etc

02.00 PM to 04.00 PM

Patrolling in crowded areas. Patrolling in inner city streets to prevent daylight burglary/robbery etc during summer.

04.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Coverage of religious places, markets, crowded areas to prevent chain snatching, traffic problems, tackle scuffles etc.

10.00 PM to 04.00 AM

Checking of Chowkidars in city mohallas, rural             areas, Thikri Pehras. Coverage of late night movie shows and functions, checking of suspicious persons out side banks and financial institutions etc.

04.00 AM to Onwards

Security duty at religious places, security duty at places of religious assemblies, newspaper distribution points, parks where people go for a walk etc

The above duties also include responding to number of calls during the day, tackling crime situations and interacting with public and performing naka duties and VIP security/route duties as and when directed by Control Room, Commissionerate, Ludhiana.

The assistance calls are received in the control room at assistance 100 number having five (5) lines round the clock by “Call-Takers”. The “Call-Takers” operate on software with sophisticated data base integrated with vehicle data base and telephone directory for whole of Punjab. When an emergency call from public is received, it is recorded and forwarded to the “Call-Despatchers” (radio operators) of the concerned specific zones. The control room has GPS based vehicle location & tracking system. All the patrol vehicles in the city are fitted with location devices. So on receiving an emergency assistance call, the “Call-Dispatcher” (radio operator) can locate the patrol van nearest to incidence and direct it immediately. The reaction time of police to public’s call for assistance is thus significantly reduced.

The “call-takers” and the “call-Despatchers” work in three shifts.
                                    Ist Shift                      08:00 AM to 02:00 PM
                                    2nd Shift                    02:00 PM to 10:00 PM
                                    3rd Shift                     10:00 PM to 08:00 AM
There are 5 “call-takers” and 4 “call-Despatchers” in each shift.

The sanctioned strength of Control Room, Police Commissionerate Ludhiana, at present is as follows:-









Sanctioned Strength








Posted Strength








a)            Manpower deployed at Control Room, Police Lines, Commissionerate Ludhiana for following duties:-
-              Supervisors.
-              Call takers.
-               Call Despatchers.
-              Modem and other miscellaneous  duties.                    









b)           Manpower deployed on PCR Motor Cycles







c)            Manpower deployed on Tavera Vehicles







The beat book serves as a repository of information for the area and is the basis on which the personnel conduct raids for POs', check BCs', arrest wanted criminals etc.

The beat book contains detailed information of the area including:-

  • Area of the beat with map.
  • Names of leaders/prominent persons/Beat officers/Zail officers.
  • Wanted criminals with photographs.
  • BCs' with photographs.
  • POs' and absconders with details.
  • Vital installations of any or any important place, financial institution etc.
  • Important problems of the area with respect to policing.

A short note book is maintained by each team. This includes the detail of important messages from PCR such as wanted vehicles, wanted persons and  special checking programmes.

The work ethics of PCR, Commissionerate Ludhiana can be described as encompassing immediate response, effective decision making, determined action, polite behaviour with public, easy accessibility, high visibility, maximum mobility, clear communication and a proactive approach in tackling crime and other police situations. The cornerstone of the PCR ideology is proactive approach in policing which aims at providing better and efficient policing to the people.


  • The Commissioner Police will be entrusted with the command and control of the control room.
  • He will be assisted by ADCP control room for day to day supervision of the control room
  • The ADCP control room will act as the nodal officer at the commissionerate level for the inflow/out flow of information, using all available means of communication, including landline and mobile telephone, wireless communication and video conferencing through internet.


                        Following registers/boards are maintained in control room:-
a)         Duty register.
b)        Arrested persons register.
c)         Standing and circular orders.
d)        Board displaying instructions passed in judgment D. K. Basu Versus West Bengal
e)         Board displaying the names of daily arrested persons.

                        Commissionerate Control Room shall be responsible for furnishing daily crime returns as per following details to PPCR:-
Ist report                    8.00 A.M.
2nd report                   4.00 P.M.


    • Receiving call in a polite and courteous manner.
    • Immediate action on such calls received in Control Room. Call dispatcher will immediately inform nearest PCR van/motorcycle to attend to such situation/scene of crime.
    • PCR Van/motorcycle will guard scene of crime till arrival of force from PS/PP.
    • Commissionerate Control Room will immediately inform concerned PS/PP, Halqa ACP and Addl. D.C.P. about crime incident or any other situation warranting police response.
    • Commissionerate Control Room will also inform about such incidents/situations to Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime, Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hqrs., Deputy Commissioner (if there is any need), Civil Surgeon, fire brigade etc.
    • Commissionerate Control Room will also alert and inform PPCR, Chandigarh about such incident/situation.
    • Commissionerate Control Room  will be responsible for alerting Control Rooms of nearest districts about incident/situation.
    • Commissionerate Control Room  will also alert highway patrol vehicles about any such incident/situation.
    • Commissionerate Control Room  will provide information to common people about traffic blockade, any other issue, if enquired by them.
    • Commissionerate Control Room shall submit statutory returns about crime to PPCR for perusal of DGP, Punjab and senior functionaries of the Government.
    • Commissionerate Control Room shall ensure effective implementation of city sealing/red alert/contingency schemes etc as and when required.
    • Commissionerate Control Room shall provide information about movement of threatened dignitaries/VVIP/VIP in the area of Ludhiana Police Commissionerate.
    • Commissionerate Control Room shall co-ordinate deployment and movement of force and Control Room reserves under the direction of senior officers to various places.
    • Commissionerate Control Room shall ensure timely and efficient disposal of correspondence received from various offices especially offices of senior officers.
    • Helplines : Guiding and helping those who are in need of help .The call on helpline  will be attended to immediately by Control Room Staff and appropriate remedial action be taken by them.
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